After a difficult year last year (I apologise for no postings) I asked for 2017 to be full of new and exciting experiences and….wham!.. the universe came right back with its own humorous response…. ..Eels and Zampogna for you!  Eels or ‘anguille’ are pretty self-explanatory and they came mixed in with other deep-fried fish &…… Continue reading VENETIAN-STYLE ‘CICCHETTI’ & BAGPIPES in COMACCHIO

UNDERCOVER PORCINI: Italian-style Porcini Tempura

‘Porcini mushrooms are scarce this year’ was the word on the street. I had been searching for fresh porcini for a while but everyone kept telling me that it’d been such a hot summer that the harvest was bad and fresh porcini hard to find. But then came the rain and porcini apparently started popping…… Continue reading UNDERCOVER PORCINI: Italian-style Porcini Tempura